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  • lol gg should of paid more attention instead being stupid and watch postseason baseball lol peace
    Ha, yeah, you "should" just be able to go to "switch pokemon" and then the bottom Left button should show the info page (stats/nature/ability/etc).
    Oh? I thought that as soon as you captured it you had the option of putting it in your party before battling N. Couldn't you at least check it's nature and stats on the in battle stats screen (when switching your mon)?
    Yeah, that's what I meant by exception. Still, I think with a bit of testing we can figure out what actions advance frames. After that it shouldn't be that hard. As soon as I get that far I'm gonna find a stationary legendary with no NPCs around, shut off my CGear and start testing random stuff to see what advances what and see if there's anything new. I think with just a bit of trial and error and luck we'll be able to start causing in one fashion or the other very soon.
    hey, sorry bad dc, you will win definitely... if the DC is my fault it is unintentional i swear.. sorry darn dc... i can run if you want win
    I've got that thread on my subscription list. ;) Totally agree. Even now, though we still can't pick our seed, we can use this info to our advantage. When we're SRing if we note the date/time and happen to get good IVs we can turn back the DS to get those same good IVs on most any other mon (with exceptions).
    Lol it's a secret pm me if ya wanna know
    If it makes you feel better it wouldn't ko this agilidos is my own spread and it runs def evs so yeah
    Here we go with ultra broken leads. Lol
    yeah, i kinda cringed when I saw that crit, although the freeze on the metagross in the begining was kind annoying
    Omg seriously. I really suck at this game right now. (d) That confusion really screwed me over. GG anyways. Lolol..
    gg man, was wondering y the magneton instead of mangezone? The only advantage I can think of is the 10 more in base speed
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